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Moore's life purpose is to coach, mentor, develop, and demonstrate to others the value in creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere and mindset in order to achieve your desired goals.  She believes you are what you think and your thoughts, positive or negative, will advance or hinder you from accomplishing your goals and living out your dreams and passions.  Moore finds value in everyone and her desire is to help them to tap into their various skill-sets that will awaken and catapult them into living their best life ever! 



Deanna Moore is the author of the Best-Selling Book I Think I Am: It's All in Your Mind, and the founder and Executive Director of the I Think I Am Foundation, an organization which helps foster care and adopted children as well as other at risk youth and their families to improve their self-image, self-worth, and self-actualization.  To help people to realize their dreams, Moore decided to invest in herself, so that she could continue to invest in others by becoming a Certified Transformational Life Coach.


Moore also founded The Celebrity Sports Moms' Tour which is comprised of mothers of professional athletes who play in the NFL, CFL, NBA, IBL, and WNBA.  (Moore's son Kyle Moore, formerly of the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is currently with the Toronto Argonauts-CFL.)  The Celebrity Sports Moms have visited and given away toiletries, books and various monetary donations and other resources to assist domestic violence centers, drug and alcohol abuse facilities, homeless shelters, colleges, businesses, women's retreats, and nurses' conferences to name a few.   While on tour, The Celebrity Sports Moms  share their own personal stories about overcoming addictions, being a single mom, dealing with domestic violence, as well as their successes, in-spite of the many challenges they have faced.  

The message that they leave with these groups rings loudly, "Your Now is Not Your Future!"

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L-R Sherry Hill, Schenique Harris, Angela Burse, Lisha Washington, Angela Mitchell, Deanna Moore, Tish Hayward